Dusty Neal

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tumblr_ncndzalK8M1qaozu0o1_1280I think the words ‘right up our alley’ sum this up nicely.
Tattooist Clamore Wolfmeyer is curating a group show at Mindzai Creative in Austin Texas on 17th October that’s sure to be of interest to Occult Vibrations readers. I’ve already seen previews dropping on Tumblr from the always impressive Dusty Neal and there’s sure to be more radness to come!



Christ/Hannya- Dusty Neal

When I spotted this painting on Dusty’s tumblr, I knew it would end up reposted on the OV blog before the end of the day. His description follows:

“This is a piece I just made for Torch Tattoo’s upcoming 1-year anniversary party and art show. I’m very proud to be asked to be a part of this show, as there are dozens of tattooers that I looked up to that will also be contributing.

This piece is a combination of Jesus Christ and a hannya from Japanese folklore. They are two iconic images of sorrow and pain that I find to be very similar in many aspects. The obvious ones being they they both were people who went through transformations because of their love for others, and the sadness they ultimately felt.”

Dusty Neal

Dusty Neal is a tattooer who’s work crept up on me; I only recently started seeing work by him via his tumblr account and have been impressed with pretty much every piece that he drops onto it. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of his book Esoterica later on this week. Tattooers like him make me wish I had more open skin left. If you’ve got a tumblr account, do yourself a favor and start following him; you won’t be disappointed.

I was going to feature one of his tattoos today, but the above painting really resonated with me. From his blog:

“I like how this piece came out. I was working around the idea of the Salem witch trials. This is a witch being hanged, yet she is innocent. The owl is the devil visiting her before she dies.”