If you have any tattoo videos you’d like to see featured here, please get in touch; I’m even willing to convert from VHS to DV if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Everything you see below came from VHS tapes sitting in storage in my house and from the realization that if someone didn’t digitize these clips they may end up gone forever. Tattoo History shouldn’t be disposable or forgotten. I claim no copyright other than where noted and present these excerpts in the spirit of fair use. I do not sell or collect any profit from sharing them.

Daniel Higgs:
Ed Hardy:
Cliff Raven:
Henry Goldfield:
Lyle Tuttle:
Signatures of the Soul:
Zeke Owen:
Royboy Cooper:

If you’d like to see the videos fullsized and not scrunched into the template I’m using for this blog, swing on by my youtube channel here:


  1. great site! thanxs for sharing.i have been looking for signature of the soul vhs for some time now. my mentore showed it to me about 15 years ago. if you have any info on locating it it would be much apriciated.good to go down memory lane. thanks again


  2. I’m not sure it’s available anymore, Joey- my copy was taped off of the Discovery Channel. I only put the excerpts online but digitize the whole program.


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