A.P. Shrewsbury



I don’t really set up reminders to check out my favorite blogs/websites. I know that there’s probably some RSS thingie that will alert me when my favorite spots update, but while not a Luddite, I’m just not that up to date on the technology.

So there’s always that fun little revelation when you stop by a site you haven’t visited in a while and find a bunch of new content. Which is exactly what happened when I just checked out Adam Shrewsbury’s Mother Tongue. blog. So many new paintings. If you haven’t been in a while you owe it to yourself to check things out!


Mother Tongue

Tattooer and all around damn nice guy Adam Shrewsbury has started a new blog; the first entry features some really great pictures of his visit to NYC legend Thom DeVita’s place. I’ve heard some amazing things about DeVita’s place and seeing the images really helps flesh them out.

I’m putting a permanent bookmark on the sidebar here on OV, but you can click right here to go check it out.

Telos Tarot

In his introduction to painter Dave McKean’s ‘The Particle Tarot’, Writer/Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky had this to say about the tarot:

“Artists in love with this deck of cards create new Tarots that are personal exegesis- a commentary of this miracle divided into 78 arcanas that keep and treasure their secret meanings.”

Artists A.P. Shrewsbury, Robert Ryan, Tomas Garcia and Erik Bartholomaus have tackled the first 22 Arcana-called the Major Arcana- in this limited edition set of collaborative cards. Edition Size of 200, the cards were created by the artists over the course of a week on Mt. Shasta in Northern California. (source- Tattoo Artist Magazine)

It’s really refreshing to see tattoo artists branching out into other media. Prints and t-shirts are great, but this set really does raise the standard.

My set arrived in the mail yesterday (thanks for the print, AP!) and I’m slowly going over the cards, digesting the artwork and symbolism each one has to offer. From what I’m told the sets are in incredibly short supply, so track them down while you still have a chance!

Trans-Communal Pilgrimage of the Self

A.P. Shrewsbury is on the top of a very short list of people that I want to get tattooed by; solid color, bold lines and a developing personal iconography that makes him someone worth keeping an eye on.

A few years ago I made a trade with him and ended up with the painting above, titled Trans-Communal Pilgrimage of the Self. (watercolor, 10×15) I think I made out on the deal.

You can find a link to his website in the sidebar to the right.