Mike Adams

Holiday Help

Tattooist Mike Adams had his car stolen last night. His insurance isnt’s being very helpful, which is what insurance companies do, for the most part, so he’s selling some awesome prints to help with his car troubles.

They’re going for $30 shipped, with the originals available for $200. (which would make good holiday presents, for those who participate in that sort of thing)

You can contact Mike via the email address on the image above. I’m partial to the shadow rabbit.

$66.60 makes for a Happy Halloween!

Mike Adams will be offering these Halloween themed pieces throughout the month of October for the bargain price of $66.60. As you know, we here at OV love the devil as much as we love Halloween, so two birds one stone.

The Halloween tattoos are morning appointments only (10am)
Email Mike for an appointment for these: mikeadamstattoo@gmail.com

I’m partial to the Cat with the Fiddle.