Oliver Peck

Blowguns Beach Whistles and the True Definition of Powerlessness Converted

“I’ve heard that the Internet is a powerful form of communication”- Scott Harrison.

A much less embiggenable version of this video used to be available¬†on Scott Harrison’s HEADBAND BROTHERS website. It’s probably one of the greatest films ever made. Much more enjoyable than, say, Citizen Kane or The Godfather. Check it out.

Blowguns Beach Whistles and the True Definition of Powerlessness Converted
A Video Project by Scott Harrison, featuring stories told by: Michael Malone, Oliver Peck, Daniel Higgs, Kevin Q, Annette Larue, Michael Palmer, Jason Mast, David Quale, Jerry Ware, Bobby Love, Jennifer Reeder, Ernie Gosnell, Seth Ciferri, Eric Perfect, Robert Winslow, Clio Weisman, and Don Ed Hardy. © S.D. Harrison 2005

Hooper Vs Peck(er)

Palm tattoos hurt. A lot.
When I try to tell people just how much, I think they think I’m exaggerating. I thought Thomas Hooper was exaggerating when he told me what to expect pain wise. He wasn’t. Coincidentally, the reason I sought out Mr. Hooper for my palms was because of a recommendation by Stewart Robson, who shot/edited this video featuring Thomas and Oliver Peck. Funny how things come full circle. You can see more of Mr. Robson’s videos on his ‘On the Shoulders of Giants‘ blog.

Creek Shoes with Oliver Peck

Blackheart’s Scott Sylvia sat down with Oliver Peck at this year’s Long Beach convention for an amazing interview. Peck would be a character regardless of what he did for a living; I’m sure if he were still working at the conveyor belt factory he’d still be the coolest guy there, but tattooing has afforded him an amazing pool of stories that he’s happy to share with Scott.

Being interviewed by a friend can go in several directions; either your familiarity with each other makes it hard to stay focused and there are too many inside jokes or it adds a comfortable depth to the whole thing.

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