Japanese Tattoo

Dragon Panel


I found this photo when I was going through a stack of old prints from the collection of Sid Diller; Sid usually kept pretty detailed notes about the subjects in his images but this one was blank, so I’m not sure on the year, shop or artist behind the piece.

It has a really gnarly 1970s vibe to it, though, and the dragon is kicking ass.

OVxAMS95: Amsterdam Tattoo Convention Video 1995 Part 1

It’s only taken me 242 months to get the video footage I shot at the 1995 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention digitized and uploaded. That’s a little longer than it takes me to accomplish most of the things in my day-planner, but not by much.

This first clip features Horiyoshi III and family.

I filmed this when I was twenty years old on an 8mm video camera without really knowing how to use it; twenty years later I did my best to take the little clips I shot and put them together into something watchable.

Stay tuned for parts two & three.

Christ/Hannya- Dusty Neal

When I spotted this painting on Dusty’s tumblr, I knew it would end up reposted on the OV blog before the end of the day. His description follows:

“This is a piece I just made for Torch Tattoo’s upcoming 1-year anniversary party and art show. I’m very proud to be asked to be a part of this show, as there are dozens of tattooers that I looked up to that will also be contributing.

This piece is a combination of Jesus Christ and a hannya from Japanese folklore. They are two iconic images of sorrow and pain that I find to be very similar in many aspects. The obvious ones being they they both were people who went through transformations because of their love for others, and the sadness they ultimately felt.”

Fundraiser for Japan

Sacred NYC will be hosting a fundraiser to support relief efforts to those affected by tsunami, earthquake and radiation exposure in Japan. The list of contributing artists is impressive and all artwork will be priced under $200; this could be your chance to score a modestly priced original or print far less than ‘going rate’ and the money goes to a great cause.

For more information including a list of contributing artists, check here.

The above piece is by Syracuse NY’s Rick Lohm, who was recently featured right here in OV.