Book of Days: Royboy Cooper

Today would have been the 70th birthday of larger than life tattoo personality Royboy Cooper; a one time protege of Cliff Raven, owner of the Badlands tattoo shop, producer/star of a successful series of tattoo documentaries, tiger keeper and all around badass.

You can check out some of his videos here on OV:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.06.48 AM.png

Royboy Cooper November 9th, 1945- July 22, 2010
Rest in Peace

Palm Sunday: Royalty in Exile


I still shiver a little bit when I think back to having my palms done in 2008; kindly Thomas Hooper sitting me down and explaining that no tattoo I’ve ever gotten will properly prepare me for just how… unique.. the sensation of having your palms tattooed can be. The other artists at the shop were looking at me with a mixture of amusement and pity as I had the stencils applied and I received an unusual amount of pats on the back and words of encouragement which only added to the general ‘what am I getting myself into vibe’ of the afternoon.

Seven years later and yeah. I still remember every second of it and I’m glad, so very glad, that I’ll never have to experience that again.

Thomas has since moved to Austin, Texas which is, by pure coincidence, where my buddy Nic Lynds did these killer palm tattoos earlier this afternoon. It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Palm Sunday’ post, so… here you go.

My wife and I originally met Nic when we took a Halloween trip to Austin a few years back. We had wanted to get something done to commemorate our trip (and our relationship) and we were referred to Nic who, having only heard the basic idea of what we wanted from a mutual friend, had the design waiting when we got to the shop. He set us up with a pair of really killer tattoos and we left with a new friend in Austin.

Nic is working at Diablo Rojo in Austin where he specializes in traditional American and Japanese tattoos.
Look him up here: for appointment information and visit his Instagram here:

Tattooing in Action

This clip is an excerpt from an 8mm (film) recording made by Sailor Sid Diller at the Kissimmee, Florida shop of Ken Meyer sometime in the 1970s. It was converted to VHS tape in the mid 1980s and reimported to digital earlier this week at 720p and restored as much as possible though the tape has suffered considerable digital rot.

Erotic Ink Master Fan Fiction Zine Vol 1


Every time I look at the cover of Vol. 1 of (Erotic) Ink Master Fanfiction Zine by Artist Provocateur Jacob Des I think of two things:

  • Des  alone in a dark room repeating the word ‘sensual’ over and over. And over.
  • Actor Randy Quaid and his wife crossing the border into Vermont after years of being on the run from the ‘Hollywood Star-Whackers’ and being picked up by the cops.

I’m not really sure what Randy Quaid has to do with anything, but I’m also not sure why it’s taken this long to get erotic fanfic out that features the cast of America’s Favorite Tattoo Gameshow, so… do with that what you will.If you’d like to pick up a copy of the zine, swing over here:

Still not asking for it


On October 25th, Allied Tattoo and tattooist Ashley Love will be hosting a flash tattoo fundraiser event to benefit Take Back The Night. Sexual assault and rape are very present in our life and culture, yet they are rarely spoken of, and are often poorly responded to. This topic and these events are not trivial, and should not be treated so.

We will be painting a couple flash sheets with images that are intended to bring and show empowerment. Everyone is invited to come and take a stand against this awful issue.

Not only does this event provide financial support for a great foundation, but it will also open the eyes of our community and peers. Many survivors and victims will see that they are not alone! Tattoos are also a great way for one to reclaim their own body. This event will be an opportunity for people to move forward in a very important healing process.

Let’s come together and move forward by refusing acceptance of this terrible behavior; let’s be there for each other, and let it be known that we all care; let’s take back our bodies, let’s Take Back The Night!

If you aren’t in the area or don’t feel like getting tattooed and still want to support the fundraiser, you can pre-order a print of the event artwork via Ashley’s Etsy Store for $50. The giclee print measures 11×14 on quality matte paper.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this print (from now until October 25th) will be donated to Take Back The Night Foundation, along with all of the proceeds from the actual event, taking place at Allied Tattoo in Bushwick Brooklyn on October 25th 12-10pm.