Rick Lohm

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2013: Rick Lohm

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My good buddy Rick Lohm will be tattooing at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention next year, February 8-10th. I’m hoping to grab some time with him while he’s in town, since getting a Rick Lohm tattoo is a good thing to do. If you’d like to make an appointment to get tattooed at the convention, contact him via ricktattoos@gmail.com for availability.

RVA2012: Rick Lohm

It’s almost November.
That means it’s almost time for the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival.
I went last year- it was a stellar lineup of world class tattooers and really light on the BS celebrity culture/roaming pitbull shenanigans of other East Coast conventions.
One of the artists attending this year is our friend Rick Lohm of HALO in Syracuse, NY. Rick is a super solid guy who does super solid tattoos- can’t really ask for much more than that these days. If I were going this year I’d be booking some time with Rick, but since I can’t… grab a few hours with him. Get a kickass tattoo. It’ll make you happy!


Rick can be reached via: ricktattoos@gmail.com for appointments.

Honest Abe

Just in time for Lincoln’s Birthday… Honest Abe shooting lasers of truth.
A new OV shirt!
Featuring art by Rick Lohm from Halo in Syracuse on a grey and black ringer tshirt printed in Philadelphia by the awesome dudes at Awesome Dudes. Sizes Ladies Large through XL.

$20, but if you use this code at checkout, you’ll get 15% off: beard
(Abe was the first US President with a beard)


Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012- Rick Lohm

Another artist who’s working the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this year is my buddy Rick Lohm from Halo in Syracuse. Rick has a style that’s reverent to traditional Americana without being derivative; and on top of that he’s a damn nice guy. You can check out the interview I did with him last year here,

You can contact him for appointments here: Sink or Swim.