Devil’s Reign II: Psychedelic Blasphemy

event-both-squareThe use of Psychedelics and the Occult both run on similar currents; the intent to expand your mind through means eldritch or entheogenic is something that we here at Occult Vibrations are very much interested in. I’d wager that the folks at HOWL BOOK feel the same way.

On Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd HOWL will be hosting events to celebrate their second collaboration with Church of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore- Devil’s Reign: Psychedelic Blasphemy. They’ve gotten 100 devilishly talented artists from the worlds of underground comix, tattooing and lowbrow culture to celebrate Satan in all of His trippy glory.

From the press release:
Fort Myers & Tampa, FL – The Devils Reign II: Psychedelic Blasphemy is the 2nd art book in a series curated by Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore. The new book, entitled Psychedelic Blasphemy features over 100 illustrators, tattooers, and rock poster artists, contributing wild, blasphemous, and hallucinogenic inspired images. The list of artists includes such notable icons as Zap comics co-founder S. Clay Wilson, seminal punk rock collage artist Winston Smith, rock poster artist Derek Hess, and famous tattooers from around the world including Derek Noble, Robert Borbas, Onnie O’Leary, Kelly Violet, and many more.

2 days of book release concerts and art shows open this Friday December 2nd in Tampa, Florida at The Orpheum and Dysfunctional Grace art gallery. And a following day of events will be held at the book publisher’s gallery and tattoo shop, HOWL, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Accompanying the book, a CD of retro 60’s electronic music recorded by High Priest Peter Gilmore is being released as a special limited edition audio component. “Sinfonie Sinistre” is a 40 minute album originally recorded in the 1980’s on rare synthesizers while Gilmore was receiving his masters degree in composition from NYU. Both the CD and the book will be available during the Tampa and Fort Myers book release party, concert, and art shows.

The Psychedelic Blasphemy concert at The Orpheum, December 2nd, will feature a 25 year reunion of industrial band The Electric Hellfire Club, with a special guest performance by Jinx Dawson of the original 1960’s pioneering occult band Coven. The concert will also feature openers Nathan Gray Collective and Asmodeus X. The show is MC’d by former WCW wrestling manager James Mitchell, aka The Sinister Minister. Tickets are still available for $17 and doors open at 7pm, Dec 2nd. The Dysfunctional Grace Psychedelic Blasphemy art show teaser and book signing event starts at 4pm, and is a few doors down from The Orpheum.

A second day of events in Fort Myers, Dec 3rd. features a Devils Reign II craft beer release at 4pm made by Bury Me Brewing, followed by a art show and sold out concert and burlesque performance at HOWL Gallery starting at 6pm.

The Devils Reign books are published by HOWL Books in association with The Church of Satan. The church, based in Poughkeepsie, NY, was founded 50 years ago in San Francisco by Anton Szandor Lavey. In 2001 Peter H. Gilmore was appointed High Priest. The Church of Satan prides itself on being the world’s first atheistic and carnal religion. Past members have included well known and celebrated actors, musicians, and artists.

For additional information on the book or CD, a complete list of artists, or to purchase, visit www.howlbooks.net

For additional info on The Church of Satan visit www.churchofsatan.com


Complete list of artists/ordering information can be found here: http://www.howlbooks.net/shop/books/the-devils-reign-2/

Alice and the Tower

The tower: sudden, violent and catastrophic change. Breakdown of old structures, chaos. Planet: Mars. Colour: red. Herb: garlic. Rune: hagalaz. Numbers: 7 and 16.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been keeping tabs on the Tower series that my friend Alice (Of Divine Canvas, London) has been dropping on her Tumblr- limited to black, red and gold on paper, inspired by Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, The Rider-Waite, Marseilles and Thoth tarot decks and other more personal semiotics, each one is an amazing variation on the theme.

She’s finally completed the series of 16 and has graciously allowed me to share them here on OV- take a look at her website for more.


Tattooers on Instagram: Clamore Wolfmeyer

cwolfIt’s October already?
I spend the entire month ramping up my already ample horror movie intake and reveling in all of the horror and occult themed art shows and offerings the month has to offer. Austin Tattooer Clamore Wolfmeyer is going to be curating an Occult art show later on in the month (see the flier here) so it’s a good time to add his Instagram account to your feed.




Occult Takeover

tumblr_ncndzalK8M1qaozu0o1_1280I think the words ‘right up our alley’ sum this up nicely.
Tattooist Clamore Wolfmeyer is curating a group show at Mindzai Creative in Austin Texas on 17th October that’s sure to be of interest to Occult Vibrations readers. I’ve already seen previews dropping on Tumblr from the always impressive Dusty Neal and there’s sure to be more radness to come!



Prepare the way of the Lord



Kind of a self serving post, but then again that’s what blogging is all about, right?
I was able to get back up to Asbury Park recently to start another tattoo from the incredibly talented Robert Ryan at Electric Tattoo. After my appointment with him last May, which saw me getting the whole top of my thigh done in one crazy seven hour sitting, I decided to break this one up into a more traditional ‘outlines, shading, color’ appointment structure.

We managed all of this (and some outlining on my butt. Butt tattoo hurt much more than you’d think) in just a little over two hours and will be taking October off, so hopefully November will see session 2.

I grew up Baptist, so the head of John the Baptist (as an oracle of Divine Prophecy) has been an idea I’ve been tossing around for more than a few years now. Robert was the perfect artist to do it; someone who took the symbolism I brought him and added his own to create the perfect tattoo. If you folks saw the thumbnails I send him… you’d see just how impressive a task that is. I’ll update again when we get into the next round.

For more Robert Ryan tattoos: http://robertryanofjudah.tumblr.com

The Coming of a God: Jodorowsky’s DUNE

More great news for today:
After what seems like an eternity, Frank Pavich’s documentary on Jodorowsky’s attempt to bring sci-fi author Frank Herbert’s DUNE to the big screen will be released in North America on 14th March 2014! I know that it’s still five months away, but for those of you in Toronto- it will be screened twice at this years TIFF. Showtime information here:  http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/festival/2013/jodorowskysdune

Jodorowsky’s DUNE had the potential to be the most ambitious adaptation of a novel ever existed; Soundtracks by Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel, appearance by Salvador Dali, production design by Giger and Moebius.. it would have been something to see. We’ll have to settle for the documentary…

September will also grace us with a new film by Jodorowsky; a semi autobiographical film called The Dance of Reality. I never thought we’d see new cinematic work from Alejandro, so I greatly look forward to seeing what may well be his last film. Jodorowsky’s work should be considered syllabus for the majority of OV readers.




Two truths:
Carolyn does rally rad tattoos.
Dolls are creepy. (Go see the Conjuring)

I spotted this Matryoshka tattoo the other day and knew I’d have to put it up here on OV. I was just in the Bay Area but sadly didn’t have time to meet up with Carolyn, but.. next visit we’ll have to talk creepy dolls, good tattoos and good times!

Carolyn LeBourgeois
The Clubhouse Tattoo Shop in Oakland