Ron Henry Wells

Garmonbozia: Ron Henry Wells


This is a formica table. Green is it’s color.
Ron Henry Wells. Twin Peaks. I really don’t need to say more. He’s a man obsessed and I’m obsessed with the results, so… any time I see one, it’s going up here. Simple as that.

If you want to find out more about the ‘Man from Another Place’ you can swing by the Wiki Page on him or better yet… watch the show.

If you want to find out more about Ron Wells- visit The Laughing Hyena.

Last Sparrow Interviews: Ron Henry Wells

If you enjoyed the Higgs mashup by Mr. Wells that I posted the other day and are interested in finding out more about him, check out this interview by Scott Sylvia of Black Heart/Last Sparrow Tattoo. Filmed in San Francisco while folks on the east coast were reeling from Hurricane Sandy, this video is a great introduction to a tattooer who constantly puts out mindblowing tattoos.

Check it out, then check out the Last Sparrow Tattoo community. Have fun, and don’t be a troll.

Higgs Mashup- Ron Henry Wells

RHWDHMUEverything about this tattoo kicks ass.
When I got tattooed a few weeks ago by David Bruehl, we were talking about Ron’s aesthetic and it’s influence (sometimes subtle, sometimes less so) on recent tattoo culture. His output could be described as ‘instantly recognizable’ if he didn’t constantly put out work that just goes it’s own direction and creates something wholly new. This piece, for example, is a mashup of two Daniel Higgs designs, filtered through Ron’s negative space style. It’s rare to see something ‘new’ come across my social network feed, but this one… all I can say is wow.

You can see more of Ron’s work (including some new Twin Peaks inspired tattoos.. means I need to update the Twin Peaks entry) at


I like Twin Peaks.
I’d go as far as saying I like Twin Peaks a lot.
But I don’t like Twin Peaks as much as Ron Wells does.
An amazing tattooer, Ron has been whipping out some really amazing tattoos inspired by the 1990/1991 David Lynch-Mark Frost ABC TV Series that appeal to cinema nerds and tattoo geeks alike.

The Owls are not what they seem.

You can contact Mr. Wells Here.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012- Ron Henry Wells

My Secrets are meant for only the worthiest of ears.

Another fine tattooer to look up at this years 2012 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention; Mr. Ron Henry Wells. If you’ve been following his Facebook lately you’ve no doubt seen the amazing sheets of flash he’s preparing for the Philly show; even if getting tattooed isn’t in your forecast it would still behoove you (yes. I just said behoove) to swing by Ron’s booth and see what goodies he has for sale.

You can contact Ron about availability through his blog: The Laughing Hyena.

Ron Henry Wells


“I was dicking around on Facebook one afternoon and I stumbled upon a photo that Chad Koeplinger had just uploaded. It was a picture of a tattoo he was about to start. A snake and mongoose and roses as a full back piece. I believe he drew most if not all of it on. I ended up just staring at it like a freak for a few minutes when something hit me. That’s the exact same feeling I got when I listened to Bad Brains for the first time when I was 15. I was immediately blown away, and genuinely inspired. I felt the need to work as hard as I could so maybe, some day I might do something that makes someone else feel that way.

I was inspired by something that literally just happened that in tattooing. Not something that happened in 1935, of 48, or 74. Something done by someone who is a current tattooer working very hard in tattooing RIGHT NOW. For some reason I thought about just how often that happens to me on a daily basis in regards to tattooing. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that yes, I definitely missed out on some amazing things that happened in tattooing based on when I got involved in the craft, and even more amazing historical events just due to date of birth, and as much as I love those reading about those things, and hearing the stories, as much as I feel like I missed out on some serious history, I realized that I am INCREDIBLY LUCKY to be a tattooer in this day an age.”

Laughing Hyena.

Jump on over to Ron’s blog to read the rest of this- it’s very much so worth the read.