I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and thanks since I started this blog; which is always appreciated. But I’ve also gotten a few “what can I do to help?” messages. Here’s what I tell folks-

1. Videos:
If you have any old VHS tattoo videos lying around that you’d like to see online, send me a message. I don’t mind converting them to DV and posting them, and would be able to send you back a digital copy with the tapes. If you already have digital content you’d like to see featured here, same thing. Send me a message and we’ll see if it fits the general theme of this blog and possibly get it online.

2. Artists:
We need a logo/tshirt design. Why? Because it’s fun. Not necessary, but fun. Since I can’t draw for shee’it, I’d be interested in commissioning a design. Let’s talk.


  1. Hey Shawn,
    My name is mike and I am a tattooer in Virginia. I really enjoy your site and love anything involving tattoo history. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain full length copies of any of the old videos you post. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and keep it up.
    Mike Higgins


  2. Hey Michael-
    It’s constantly my hope that the people behind these tapes will eventually digitize and market them and we’ll be able to buy high def copies. Until then, the best I can offer is clips. I’ve made it a policy not to make copies of whole movies for folks because there’s a lot of ya’all and only one me, so it would be very difficult to keep up with the demand.

    So at the moment I can’t be of help for full videos, sorry!


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