Chuck Eldridge

Tattoo Archive on Vimeo

Tattoo Archive – Winston-Salem N.C. from Paint & Paper Films on Vimeo.

¬†Scott from Yellowbeak pointed me in the direction of this great video of Chuck Eldridge/Tattoo Archive from the folks at Paint & Paper Films. It’s always a treat to hear Chuck talking about tattoo history; particularly the history of North Carolina tattooing.

More excerpts from Tattooing Reality

This one has been giving me trouble from the getgo.

No matter how much I adjust the audio, there’s still a considerable ‘hiss’ that I can’t get rid of. I’ve spent two days trying to get it uploaded via iMovie’s internal youtube bridge, seeing ERROR messages every time I get to ‘twenty minutes remaining’ and using youtube’s own uploader took me 5 hours and seems to have resized the opening title frame. Fun.

Still, you get a dream team of tattooers discussing tattooing and that trumps all the nerdy backstage stuff that it took to get online. Hardy, Salmon, Roberts, Eldridge, Salmon, Zulueta. When you think of the impact Hardy had on modern tattooing it’s astounding; some of the artists and styles he brought to Realistic must have been so far out at the time;.even now having an artist doing Oceanic handpoke work at a shop is a novelty- thirty years ago it must have been inconceivable.


Excerpt: Hot Damn Amsterdam

I could watch Freddy Corbin tattoo Jesuses (Jesii?) all day long.

Of all the tattoo conventions I’ve been to, Henk’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention was hands down the best. My brother and I went in 1995, which was a few years after this documentary was made. Somewhere I have video from that trip on 8mm tape.

In the meantime, I’ve grabbed a few of the better moments from Stearn’s tape. It’s not the best of his Metamorphosis II output; very little in the way of interviews, Horiyoshi III and Suluape Petelo were sorely underused and there was far too much music (which was cut out in the excerpts I put together) but for the sake of posterity I’m glad to be able to share what I can.