Hanky Panky

CPISD- Ed Hardy, Hanky Panky and Randy Adams

Another ‘Colored People Invade San Diego’ installment.

This clip features:
Krystyne the Kolorful. Krystyne was an exotic dancer from Alberta, Canada who had approximately 95% coverage and was a famous ‘tattooed lady’ of the 1980s. No audio with her.

Ed Hardy. Ed gives a brief rundown of his history with tattooing; stuff that’s already been covered in other videos, but it’s always nice to hear Ed talk like a beatnik.

Henk ‘Hanky Panky’ Schiffmacher talking about the (late 1980s) state of European tattooing.
I still hold Henk’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention (I went in 1995- have the video just don’t have an 8mm player to convert it!) as one of the most impressive conventions I’ve ever been to and his contribution to the tattoo world (with documenting and with his Amsterdam Tattoo Museum) has been legendary but not nearly as celebrated as it should be.

This tape is showing wear and the audio is slightly unsynched. I had a complete backup of it but the entire thing was off; so I’ve been slowly recapturing scenes (versus the entire movie) and redoing the audio. It’s taking a while, but at least the clips are preserved on the internet.