George Campise

Gypsy Gentleman ep3

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 03: San Francisco from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

I don’t know how I missed it, but another episode of Marcus Kuhn’s Gypsy Gentleman has landed online; this time featuring interviews with Jason Kundell and George Campise. It’s great stuff; the perfect alternative to the vapid nonsense (how does it swim?) that plagues cable television.

The beauty of Kuhn’s project is that it’s informative to people who’re aren’t ‘tattoo people’ while still appealing to nerds like us who love the culture; the intro on San Francisco’s role in American tattooing covers points that we all know, but not in a pandering way. It’s clear that Marcus and crew really want this project to appeal to everyone while not compromising.

Well done.

And thanks to Scott from Yellowbeak for the heads up!