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Who would have guessed that people would want to write for OV?
Certainly not me. Turns out I was wrong. From time to time we’re going to be featuring posts from guests, and this will be your one-stop shop for reading them by author. If you’d like to contribute, contact me at I can’t guarantee that everything submitted will get posted, but we’re certainly open to reading what you have to say.

Jennifer Stell:

Henry Goldfield:

Johnny Thief:

Standard disclaimers ahoy:
The opinions expressed in posts by guest authors do not necessarily represent the opinions of Occult Vibrations/Shawn.


  1. Daniel Higgs is all over the place, Jerri. He’s now a touring musician/artist who permanently gave up tattooing.


  2. Thank you Sean for responding. Although I would LOVE to get a Higgs tattoo,
    my reason for trying to contact him is different. He tattooed my husband, Avery, on the skull with a tortoise shell, aka “Turtle Head”. There was a card manufactured by a company called “Soho” in San Francisco that distributed these cards and I am looking for a connect to find out if it is possible to get these cards anymore..
    I am probably out of luck because this card was available back in the mid 90’s.
    I was hoping Dan would know, but I doubt he’s kept track of it since he is doing the music thing full time now. Which is great and I am happy for him.
    Thanks again, and take care ☺


    1. I thought your last name was familiar.
      I think I have that post card, but it’s packed away somewhere. Should I ever locate it, I’ll let you know. There’s also great footage of Avery and his Turtle Helmet (which just sounds so phallic) In Charles Gatewood’s EBP&T 5.


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