Troy Denning

Tattoo Age Short Film

Tattoo Age Short Film @

Season 2 of Vice’s Tattoo Age has landed with the first Valerie Vargas episode streaming now. The folks behind the series made a promotional short film starring Troy Denning and Dan Santoro doing their best tattoo film noir. Kind of silly, but it’s still better than Dave Navarro.

Tattoo Age Press Release

Dan Santoro. Tattoo Age

I’m someone who gives a lot of credence to meaningful coincidence; synchronicity has been a very strong influence in my life for the last decade, one that’s guided me in the right direction when I was lost, taken me in when I needed it and introduced me to some really amazing folks.

When I was getting tattooed Monday at Electric, I was introduced to a gentleman named Dan. Earlier this morning, I posted the Tattoo Age promo here on OV. A few minutes ago I received a press release for the Tattoo Age series, which features the very same Dan Santoro.

Nice and smooth, just how I like it. Follow the break to find the showtimes/information on Tattoo Age.