Joel Madberg


Today has been a comedy of errors at the OV Central.
Having set my alarm clock in the middle of the night, I neglected to switch from PM to AM. With the curtains pulled tight and my sleeping greyhound next to me…. 11:00am came and went and my plans to spend the morning at the gym transmuted into laying in bed with the very same sleeping greyhound and goofing around on tumblr while watching Spike’s Ink Master episode three.

Ink Master was, as you could imagine, terrible.
I try not to dwell on the negative, but with so much fuel being added to the reality tattoo fire, it’s sometimes hard not to. The banter back and forth between Nunez and Billy Vegas about Baku teeth should have been when I stopped watching. At least there was some satisfaction when this week’s artists was cut.

The day hasn’t been a total waste though; I ran across some work by Sweden’s Joel Madberg on tumblr and he’s been kind enough to allow it to go up here on OV. Joel works at Salvation Tattoo, which you can find more about here.