New Last Sparrow Shirt!

For serious tattoo folks there’s no better (virtual) place to hang out than Lochlan and Scott’s Last Sparrow Tattoo community. I don’t post about it often for fear of too many people discovering it and the great vibes being ruined, but… give it a chance and have fun.

And if you LIKE it, and you will… realize that coding, hosting, bandwidth, etc cost money and supporting something you love is a good thing. One of the best ways to support LST is to buy a t-shirt, and Scott Sylvia just dropped a new design.

It’s like getting tattooed by Scott but without all the bleeding.

Support LST.

Maybe one day they’ll do a squidpants shirt…..


I have no idea what to expect from 2012. Dr. McKenna’s timewave zero ‘novelty’ theory, the return of Quetzalcoatl…. or just another year. Anything is possible. The only certainty is that if you use code 2012 when you buy a Jacob Des ‘Occult Vibrations Skull on Book’ tshirt you’ll get 20% off.

Can Quetzalcoatl get you a discount on fine clothing?

I think not.

Book and Skull Tshirt- Jacob Des

I just added a new section to the blog; Shirts.
It’ll eventually include all sorts of fun stuff/giveaways but for now it features our first Tshirt with art by OV favorite Jacob Des and printed by Philadelphia’s own Awesome Dudes Screenprinting.

I’m doing a pretty limited run for the first printing; swing on over to the OVShop to see if I have the size you need.