Wayde Dunn

Payin’ off like a slot machine!

I wonder if the world of tattooing will ever have genuine characters like Stoney St. Claire again?
Not a twentysomething with pomade in his hair who loves boxing with (insert exotic animal here) while waxing his mustache, but honest to god hillbilly carnies like Stoney.

Sadly, probably not.

That said, Stoney’s legacy left us with so many amazing stories and anecdotes- some of which can be seen in the film by Alan Govenar with even more in the classic Stoney Knows How book.

This painting came to me recently as a gift from my good friend Wayde Dunn; an Australian living in Canada. Like myself, Wayde can’t get enough of Stoney, and this painting is a little reminder of an accent paying off- something I’m sure Mr. Dunn can relate to.

Thanks, Wayde!