Finger Tattoo Healing

At just over a month my fingers are finally almost healed.
There is a little ‘bleeding’ of pigment in the tips that’s slowly being metabolized by my body, but otherwise things are pretty much settled. Thankfully the iguana skin of my last update is long gone and I no longer stick to things. That was un-fun.

The alpha/omega palm is coming up on three years old (in November) and was also done by Thomas Hooper.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to SAVED to get a little something from Scott Harrison while he’s in NYC. I’ve been getting tattooed a lot in 2011 and the Harrison piece should hopefully be my last new tattoo for a while. Give myself time to recoup.

I’m hoping to see some of my NYC friends while I’m in town, just depends on how grumpy I end up walking around with a fresh tattoo.


  1. hey, yr posts on yr palm tattoo gave me the final impetus to start mine that i have been putting off for 3 years ( w/ Thomas Hooper too) thanks! was a great experience 4 me. hurts like hell tho, but still awesome!


    1. yeah! its a real honor to have this on my hand. thomas’s positive working manner helped a ton as did a little coltrane, some hard candy, and a blanket i put over my head:). anyway thank u!


      1. Was it a rose? I think I just saw it on his page. Beautiful. Healing is… special.. but ultimately worth it!


  2. Oh sorry I missed this, stopped reading blogs 4 a while( procrastination nation:))! Yes it was a rose, I wrote abt it over on needles+sins

    Palm is soooooooo in there. Solid. Thomas wants to maybe add some stippling + a leaf at some point, not sure I will let him bc you know, the pain+ the healing time…. Bt So glad I did it. It’s my fave. Thanks again for the encouraging posts!


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