Mirror Cave #11: Transcendental Sound Vibration with Robert Ryan.


Dan Higgs Baphomet tattooed by Robert Ryan.

Do only good.
The latest episode of Scott Harrison’s MIRROR CAVE podcast features a 30 minute chat with Electric Tattoo’s Robert Ryan. The episode’s focus is on Robert’s connection with Eastern religion, experiences with Ayahuasca and his first visit to India; while not directly connected with tattooing it’s a great insight into his aesthetic output.

You can find it on ITUNES:



Blowguns Beach Whistles and the True Definition of Powerlessness Converted

“I’ve heard that the Internet is a powerful form of communication”- Scott Harrison.

A much less embiggenable version of this video used to be available on Scott Harrison’s HEADBAND BROTHERS website. It’s probably one of the greatest films ever made. Much more enjoyable than, say, Citizen Kane or The Godfather. Check it out.

Blowguns Beach Whistles and the True Definition of Powerlessness Converted
A Video Project by Scott Harrison, featuring stories told by: Michael Malone, Oliver Peck, Daniel Higgs, Kevin Q, Annette Larue, Michael Palmer, Jason Mast, David Quale, Jerry Ware, Bobby Love, Jennifer Reeder, Ernie Gosnell, Seth Ciferri, Eric Perfect, Robert Winslow, Clio Weisman, and Don Ed Hardy. © S.D. Harrison 2005

Scott Harrison: “The Pond, the Mirror, the Kaleidoscope,” August 20 – September 14, 2013



Getting tattooed by Scott Harrison was one of the raddest tattoo experiences I’ve ever had.
For a small tattoo it seemed to take forever; normally that would be a bad thing but with Scott it means that he’s telling story after unforgettable story, each one better than the last. I was lucky enough to be tattooed by him next to Thomas Hooper; an artists Scott had worked alongside for a while and who’s reparte added to the whole experience.

Aside from being Mr. Fancy Pants tattooer, Scott is also a respected painter who’s output- stunning black and white watercolors- often blur the lines between comical, pornographic and surreal.

When I showed Ed Hardy my fresh WELT tattoo he said “Scott Harrison is the real deal“.

If you’d like to see works by the real deal himself- curated by Thomas Woodruff (who’s art adorns the cover of Hardy’s Tattoo Time V: Art from the heart) and featuring works from a score of other amazing SVA graduates (including James Jean) you should check out “The Pond, the Mirror, the Kaleidoscope,” August 20 – September 14, 2013.






Scott Harrison produces art that confuses me.
You look at it, and wonder if it’s the ramblings of a horny adolescent Maitreya who’s gotten ahold of a bag of weed and his Daddy’s skin magazines and produced endearing cartoons that feature grotesque and adorable critters that say things like:


Scott has been kind enough to unleash his cartoons on the world, free on the internet, at the WELTWORLD site. I can’t- and won’t- say that reading his comics will make you a better person but they’ll sure as shoot make you scratch your head and wonder what the heck he’s thinking when he draws them.


I had sworn off being tattooed anymore in 2011 after Thomas Hooper did my fingers. Nothing against Thomas of course, but this year has been a busy one. New tattoos by Rick Lohm,  (who’s enthusiasm for his profession was a much needed shot in the arm for me) Robert Ryan, Deno, Thomas Hooper and finally Scott Harrison.

I think Scott was a good way to cap off this year. He’s been someone I’ve wanted to get tattooed by for years, and when the opportunity came up to book some time with him, I readjusted my ‘no more tattoos in 2011’ policy and made it up to Saved for a little something from him.

I picked critter that appears from time to time in Scott’s paintings to fill an awkward little spot I had left. I didn’t know what to expect from the experience; I had only met Scott once but don’t really know him; but friends who’ve been tattooed by him assured me it was going to be a good time.

And so it was. He whipped up a great drawing (It doesn’t have three arms; you’re seeing one of the arms at two different times according to Scott) and shared a bunch of great stories while he tattooed it on me. Really glad everything worked out.

Finger Tattoo Healing

At just over a month my fingers are finally almost healed.
There is a little ‘bleeding’ of pigment in the tips that’s slowly being metabolized by my body, but otherwise things are pretty much settled. Thankfully the iguana skin of my last update is long gone and I no longer stick to things. That was un-fun.

The alpha/omega palm is coming up on three years old (in November) and was also done by Thomas Hooper.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to SAVED to get a little something from Scott Harrison while he’s in NYC. I’ve been getting tattooed a lot in 2011 and the Harrison piece should hopefully be my last new tattoo for a while. Give myself time to recoup.

I’m hoping to see some of my NYC friends while I’m in town, just depends on how grumpy I end up walking around with a fresh tattoo.