Shawn Porter

Best Intentions Volume 4

AotD: Completely! And that’s really fucked up. I don’t know why it’s different and even I’m on the younger side of why I should feel that it’s different. It just is. I can’t really explain it to you. Tattooing is not like the other things. It’s separate. It’s different. And it’s not to be lumped in with the other ways you can express yourself. I don’t want it to be that. Yes, I do other stuff artistically as well as tattooing. I paint a lot. I draw. I knit shit like I’m doing right now. I ineptly and ham-handedly make things out of textiles. I’m not really good at it, but I enjoy it, but ultimately I’m a tattooer and the other things are sidelines for me. It’s just peculiar to think- I just can’t imagine that people would tattoo and do other stuff and that tattooing would come in second. I just don’t understand how that works. ~excerpt from my interview with Alice of the Dead. 

Issue number four of Atonement Books BEST INTENTIONS is now available! My contribution to this issue is a whopper of an interview with Alice of the Dead, but there’s a lot of really amazing content that’s worth checking out.

230 pages (twice as thick as before) full colour tattoo magazine including interviews from –

Alex Reinke
Stace Forand
Dan Sin on shunga
Simon Erl
Karina Monzon
Alice OTD

Artwork and tattoos by –

Steve Whittenberger
Joseph Aloi
Rodrigo DC
Stefano C
Gavin Rose
Adam Shrewsbury
Matt Lambin
Davee Blows

Studio visits –
Big Trouble Tattoo San Diego
Purple Sun Tattoo Brussels

Cover by Alex Renke.

Includes Stickers.

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Best Intentions (2015)


British Tattooer Ash Davies has just released a mammoth new tattoo magazine called Best Intentions which can be found here.
Even if I weren’t a contributor I’d recommend that you buy a copy; this is DIY tattoo culture and supporting projects like this mean that cool stuff(tm) is going to be made by people who care about tattooing, not by people who just want to pump out a sellable product aimed at people who watch reality tv.

I’m already working on something for volume 2.


106 pages full colour tattoo magazine including interviews from –

Joseph Ari Aloi (3 Kings Tattoo NYC)
Amanda Grace Leadman (Black 13 Nashville)
Nick Mayes (North Sea Scarborough)
Burton Jean-Philippe (Purple Sun Brussels)

Articles by –

Mr Gordo Instax view of Seven Doors
Shawn Porter’s Occult Vibrations
Horimatsu portfolio
California Electric
Iron Mountain Studio Visit

Artwork and tattoos by –

Ash Davies
Bradley Tompkins
Burrito Breath
Dave Fox
Emerson Ventura
James Kiley
Marcos Attwood
Marcus Maguire
Matt Kerley
Nick Baldwin
Sam Layzell
Sam Ricketts
Shen Schubert

Cover by and includes stickers by Joseph Ari Aloi.

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Tattooers on Instagram: Nic Lynds

1382218_664738770223977_210081818_nJulia and I just returned from a nice little Halloween getaway in Austin Texas; while we were there we decided to commemorate our vacation/anniversary/favorite holiday with a little souvenir tattoo from Affinity’s Nic Lynds. We had talked with the shop’s owner (and old friend of mine) Ryan about the design, casually, and were surprised to find that Nic had already drawn it up for us by the time we got in. We had a great time with him and the Affinity crew; getting tattooed, bullshitting and ball breaking and telling stories late into what turned out to be a killer rainstorm that ended in flooding throughout the city.

There are a lot of really amazing tattooers in Austin; we were bummed to not have visited more shops while we were in town, but I guess that gives us a great excuse to visit again. Regardless, Nic turned out to be the perfect guy for the job and we were glad to have gotten the opportunity to get a last minute tattoo from a genuine gent.

You can keep up with Nic via his Instagram Page here:

Occult Vibrations Philly AIDSWALK 5k Team!

Hey folks-
On October 20th 2013 I’ll be running with ‘Team Occult Vibrations’ in this year’s Philadelphia AIDS WALK 5k.
We’ll be collecting donations to support the team for the next two months- 100% of which will go directly to people in the Philadelphia area affected by HIV/AIDS.

I’m working on some premiums for larger donations:

  • An exclusive Occult Vibrations tshirt design available only via donation.
  • A CD/tshirt pack from REIGN SUPREME.
  • A bar tab from The Bike Stop (I’d love to see someone get the bar tab AND the Reign Supreme Premiums)
  • …. and hopefully more!

My goal is to raise $500 and I’d appreciate any support you folks could give. I used to joke that I only ran ‘when chased’ and in previous years  donated to my friends who were walking/running so I could ‘sleep late and not feel guilty’. As health and fitness has become more important to me over the last year I’ve done my best not to take it for granted and despite working until 3am the night before the run… will be getting up at 6:30am to join my team for the three mile run.

My runner page is here:

I’m sorry for the ‘off topic’ post!


Finger Tattoo Healing

At just over a month my fingers are finally almost healed.
There is a little ‘bleeding’ of pigment in the tips that’s slowly being metabolized by my body, but otherwise things are pretty much settled. Thankfully the iguana skin of my last update is long gone and I no longer stick to things. That was un-fun.

The alpha/omega palm is coming up on three years old (in November) and was also done by Thomas Hooper.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to SAVED to get a little something from Scott Harrison while he’s in NYC. I’ve been getting tattooed a lot in 2011 and the Harrison piece should hopefully be my last new tattoo for a while. Give myself time to recoup.

I’m hoping to see some of my NYC friends while I’m in town, just depends on how grumpy I end up walking around with a fresh tattoo.