DeVita at King’s Avenue

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An hour and a half bus ride and I could have been in NYC, camera in hand, for the DeVita Popup Gallery at King’s Avenue Tattoo. I would have ended up talking to people I knew, meeting new folks and, in the long run, wouldn’t have taken a single photograph. Still. It would have been fun to be there. Luckily for me, and for Occult Vibrations, my sister Kathleen and her husband Atom (who’s a dang fine photographer) live in NYC and were able to snap a few pictures for us. Not quite the same as being there, but ultimately, pretty darn good.  From what I hear it was really well attended; people bought some really great original art from Thom, got tattooed with DeVita flash by Scott Harrison (and others) and the event was a great success, which will really help Thom out.

If you haven’t watched the DeVita episodes of Tattoo Age, you can do that here.



Special thanks to Atom and Kathleen for the pictures; if you attended the Popup Gallery and grabbed any pics that you’d like to share with us, contact me via


Tattoo Age: Season 2

I’ve been sitting on this news for ages now with a sworn promise to Mr. Grosso that I wouldn’t spill the beans. But the cat is out of the bag now…. and it’s time to be excited.

I first heard about DeVita getting interviewed for Tattoo Age last year from Scott Harrison; he gave me the full rundown of how the filming went and I got very excited about seeing the finished product. DeVita is so iconic- while I still contend that the Fred Corbin arc from Season 1 of Tattoo Age may be THE single most impressive tattooer documentary I’ve ever seen… I’ll admit that the idea of a Thom DeVita segment literally gives me goosebumps.

The season will also include Valerie Vargas, who’s artwork I’ve been impressed with since before she was tattooing, and Mutsuo of Three Tides tattoo. After a very impressive (and more content loaded) season 1… Will Tattoo Age still be able to impress? I guess we’ll have to wait, watch and see for ourselves!

The trailer for Season 2 will hit on September 5th.

Tattoo Age Press Release

Dan Santoro. Tattoo Age

I’m someone who gives a lot of credence to meaningful coincidence; synchronicity has been a very strong influence in my life for the last decade, one that’s guided me in the right direction when I was lost, taken me in when I needed it and introduced me to some really amazing folks.

When I was getting tattooed Monday at Electric, I was introduced to a gentleman named Dan. Earlier this morning, I posted the Tattoo Age promo here on OV. A few minutes ago I received a press release for the Tattoo Age series, which features the very same Dan Santoro.

Nice and smooth, just how I like it. Follow the break to find the showtimes/information on Tattoo Age.