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Dan Santoro. Tattoo Age

I’m someone who gives a lot of credence to meaningful coincidence; synchronicity has been a very strong influence in my life for the last decade, one that’s guided me in the right direction when I was lost, taken me in when I needed it and introduced me to some really amazing folks.

When I was getting tattooed Monday at Electric, I was introduced to a gentleman named Dan. Earlier this morning, I posted the Tattoo Age promo here on OV. A few minutes ago I received a press release for the Tattoo Age series, which features the very same Dan Santoro.

Nice and smooth, just how I like it. Follow the break to find the showtimes/information on Tattoo Age.

NEW YORK, NY (June 29, 2011) -— Vice Media today announced the launch of its new original series, Tattoo Age, premiering on July 13th on VBS.TV. Tattoo Age, developed with support from New Era, uncovers the fixating worlds of five tattoo virtuosos, giving viewers a glimpse into their daily grind, their methods of work, and their eclectic sources of inspiration.

In the series, Vice follows Dan Santoro, Troy Denning, Mike Rubendall, Freddy Corbin, and Grime, presenting three separate episodes for each artist. The episodes give skin-deep insight into the tattoo mavens’ lives, chronicling everything from tattoo history, stylistic differences, and the absurdity of dealing with the general public on such personal levels.

In the first three episodes, Vice meets Brooklyn-based painter, antique dealer, coffeeshop owner, tattooer, and all around nice guy, Dan Santoro – a man with a penchant for folk art, who would be happier designing a banjo playing toad tattoo than your dead grandmother’s portrait. He fits in perfectly at his notorious Brooklyn tattoo parlor, Smith Street, where he rounds out a highly talented foursome of fellow tattoo artists and friends.
For the trailer of Tattoo Age, please click here:–2/tattoo-age-trailer

For the show’s air dates, please see below.
Tattoo Age dives into the work and lives of Dan Santoro, Troy Denning, Mike Rubendall, Freddy Corbin, and Grime as they battle addiction, visit antique fairs, and obsess over perfect lettering.

Dan Santoro – New York City | Air Dates – Pt. 1: July 13 | Pt. 2: July 20 | Pt. 3: July 27
Dan Santoro, painter, tattooer, and antique dealer, has many interests that all contribute to his highly creative style of tattooing.Dan has a penchant for folk art influenced tattoos, works at a store in Brooklyn with his wife where they sell coffee, records,antique lithographs and taxidermy, and runs his shop, Smith Street Tattoo Parlor, with four of his best friends.

Grime – San Francisco | Air Dates – Trailer: August 3 | Pt. 1: August 10 | Pt. 2: August 17 | Pt. 3: August 24
Grime is the hardest working man in tattooing. Known all over the world for his graphic style, Grime takes the most common subjects and transforms them into aweing images. Grime first cut his teeth in the tattoo world in the 90s in San Francisco, working with greats such as Ed Hardy and Marcus Pacheco. He now owns his own studio, Skull and Sword, where he works alongside Henry Lewis, Yutaro Sakai, and Lango, the “Brazilian Panda.” When Grime is not tattooing, he is publishing books on everything from the L.A. River to personal memoirs.

Troy Denning – New York City | Air Dates – Trailer: August 31 | Pt. 1: September 7 | Pt. 2: September 14 | Pt. 3: September 21 Troy Denning is the owner of one of New York’s premier tattoo parlors, Invisible NYC, as well as the owner of one of the most unique styles. Troy seeks to go beyond the work of other Japanese style tattooers, and searches for influence in the original Ukiyo-E masters. He has worked a variety jobs from mineworker to strip club security guard, all of which have added to his special outlook on life. He is a self-proclaimed karaoke master, and a fixture of New York’s Lower East Side.

Mike Rubendall – New York City | Air Dates – Trailer: September 28 | Pt. 1: October 5 | Pt. 2: October 12 | Pt. 3: October 19 Mike Rubendall comes from the colorful world of old school tattooing in New York City, learning the tricks of the trade from the infamous Frank Romano at a biker shop on Long Island. Mike has come a long way from mopping the floors of his teacher’s tattoo parlor, and now owns his own shop, King’s Avenue Tattoo, in New York City. Mike is full to the brim with tales of his varied experiences as a tattooer, from working on Damon Dash in the Hampton’s to watching his co-workers piss into a woman’s purse
at a local bar.

Freddy Corbin – Oakland | Air Dates – Trailer: October26 | Pt. 1: November 2 | Pt. 2: November 9 | Pt. 3: November 16 Once the young turk of the Bay Area working with tattoo luminaries Ed Hardy and Dan Higgs in the early 90’s at Tattoo City, Freddy Corbin is now an elder statesman of the tattoo scene. Freddy proclaims that he is a spiritual man, whose shop looks like a cross between the Sistine Chapel and an old bar. He has battled addiction and dealt with loss but always maintains a positive outlook on life. Two years ago, he tattooed villagers for free in India on the banks of the Ganges River as a spiritual offering before the birth of his son.

Vice’s Chris Grosso and Lauren Cynamon are Tattoo Age’s Producers.
About New Era: New Era is an international lifestyle brand with an authentic sports heritage that dates back over 90 years. The brand is worn as a symbol of self-expression by athletes, artists, and some of the most interesting people around the globe. New Era encourages people to “FLY YOUR OWN
FLAG™” – to truly express their personal style and individuality through its products. For more information, visit
Since its launch in 2007, Vice’s online network, VBS.TV, has become an industry leader in creating original content and providing online news.
Vice now boasts over 40 established shows covering everything from current events to sports to investigative reporting to music. In January, 2010,
Vice announced a content sharing agreement with, the No. 1 television news website.
Vice operates in over 34 countries, and licenses over 20 television shows for broadcast throughout Europe and North and South America.
With more than 3,500 contributors and 750 employees worldwide, Vice is one of the fastest growing media outlets in the world. Vice magazine started
in Montreal, Canada, in 1994 as a local music magazine, and today covers news, arts, music and culture for an international trendsetting audience
of over 1.2 million readers.



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