Tattooers on Instagram: Cutty Bage


If Cutty Bage- who’s currently tattooing at Speakeasy Tattoo Co. in the glorious State of North Carolina– were a comic book illustrator, she’d be someone you’d wish would transition over to tattooing. Killer lines, bold, graphic and incredibly nerdy subject matter and lettering that would make Todd Klein* blush- Cutty’s work is a comic nerd’s (or scifi nerd. or movie nerd) dream come through. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her; I think it was a mutual friendship with another toy collector- but I’m sure glad I did. Pop culture blending with tattoo culture to create some fantastically geeky art.

You can find her on Instagram here:


*Nerdy comic book namedrop.

Holiday Help

Tattooist Mike Adams had his car stolen last night. His insurance isnt’s being very helpful, which is what insurance companies do, for the most part, so he’s selling some awesome prints to help with his car troubles.

They’re going for $30 shipped, with the originals available for $200. (which would make good holiday presents, for those who participate in that sort of thing)

You can contact Mike via the email address on the image above. I’m partial to the shadow rabbit.