Tattooers on Instagram: Josh Hoffman


For whatever reason, tattooers have flocked to Instagram to share their works in record numbers; so many amazing artists posting so many outstanding tattoos and paintings that it’s hard to keep up with everyone. So from time to time I’ll be posting my favorites- people doing kickass work that are for sure worth following.

The first is Philadelphia’s Josh Hoffman.
Josh is one of my favorite tattooers; I started getting tattooed by him in 2000 shortly after moving to Philadelphia. His work is distinctly based in traditional American style tattooing with a 1970s biker flair. Sounds like an odd combo, but it works. He’s started posting a stream of new paintings that are just stellar. I’m really glad to see him pushing out new stuff… makes me want to get something new!

Funny Hoffman story:
Josh had his jaw broken years back, when I worked around the corner from Olde City Tattoo. (the shop he was working with at the time) I’d see him every day when I’d walk to get lunch, miserable with his jaw wired shut. After a while I started picking up presents from him at the store…

Jawbreakers and Caramels came up a lot.

I’m just that kind of friend.

You can follow Josh on Instagram via: j_hoffman


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