Nick Kelley Painting

I just realized earlier tonight that I’ve yet to post anything by Nashua New Hampshire’s Nick Kelley. He’s one of my favorite tattooers and has always done right by me and I’m sure you can expect to see a lot more of Nick’s work here over the next few months.

His artwork is chockfull of occult symbolism ranging from Odinism to Crowley’s Thelema as well as popculture icons like Dexter and the ‘Noid- sometimes in the same painting. Despite using symbols from varying ideologies his work forms a cohesive “look” that identifies it as a Nick Kelley piece. He’s even immortalized one of tattooings most neglected birds- the turkey. Anyone who appreciates the significance of the turkey is ok in my book.

You can find out more about Nick at Precision Body Arts: Nick Kelley.


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