I think it was back in April that my buddy Klint and I went to see SKULL DEFEKTS feat. Daniel Higgs and Zomes at the DangerDanger Gallery in Philadelphia. Higgs mentioned something about Pawtucket, RI on stage but for the life of me I can’t remember if they had already played there or were headed in that direction.

Either way, the Defekts, Higgs and Zomes ended up getting some studio time in Pawtucket; the results of which is the 2013-3012 LP, currently available on ThrillJockey Records. (for those of us who don’t a record player fear not- it comes with a download code for the songs.)

I really enjoyed PEER AMID, and was lucky enough to film Zomes playing with them (click the Skull Defekts tag here on OV) so this is pretty awesome all around. And it comes with a painted Daniel Higgs cover.

Thrill Jockey: 2013-3012