The Godward Way

Daniel Higgs: The Godward Way


For folks into the music of former tattooer/Lunfish singer/poet Daniel Higgs, Southern Records has released a new Higgs project on vinyl and cd titled “The Godward Way”.
From Southern’s Website:

1 song, 23 minutes.  Exclusive recording from Daniel HIggs, visionary artist and former frontman of Lungfish.  500 numbered, hand-packaged CDs in foil blocked origami style folder with colour insert.   Also available in an edition of 1000 LPs – 180gm white or black vinyl with numbered, hand-packaged sleeves including foil-blocked inner and colour insert.  Cover artwork by Daniel Higgs.

I ordered mine from Thrill Jockey, but if you’re a vinyl collector and you want both colors (I think TJ only got white? I may have read it wrong) you can order directly from Southern.
Southern Records. 
Thrill Jockey Records.