Alice and the Tower

The tower: sudden, violent and catastrophic change. Breakdown of old structures, chaos. Planet: Mars. Colour: red. Herb: garlic. Rune: hagalaz. Numbers: 7 and 16.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been keeping tabs on the Tower series that my friend Alice (Of Divine Canvas, London) has been dropping on her Tumblr- limited to black, red and gold on paper, inspired by Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, The Rider-Waite, Marseilles and Thoth tarot decks and other more personal semiotics, each one is an amazing variation on the theme.

She’s finally completed the series of 16 and has graciously allowed me to share them here on OV- take a look at her website for more.


Telos Tarot

In his introduction to painter Dave McKean’s ‘The Particle Tarot’, Writer/Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky had this to say about the tarot:

“Artists in love with this deck of cards create new Tarots that are personal exegesis- a commentary of this miracle divided into 78 arcanas that keep and treasure their secret meanings.”

Artists A.P. Shrewsbury, Robert Ryan, Tomas Garcia and Erik Bartholomaus have tackled the first 22 Arcana-called the Major Arcana- in this limited edition set of collaborative cards. Edition Size of 200, the cards were created by the artists over the course of a week on Mt. Shasta in Northern California. (source- Tattoo Artist Magazine)

It’s really refreshing to see tattoo artists branching out into other media. Prints and t-shirts are great, but this set really does raise the standard.

My set arrived in the mail yesterday (thanks for the print, AP!) and I’m slowly going over the cards, digesting the artwork and symbolism each one has to offer. From what I’m told the sets are in incredibly short supply, so track them down while you still have a chance!