Friday the 13th- David Bruehl

It makes me happy when David paints.
He’s been dropping all kinds of amazingness on Instagram lately; this one is just the most appropriate for today. David recently moved from Oklahoma to Tampa to join the crew of Redletter 1.

David is an amazing tattooer and one of my favorite people. If you find yourself in Florida, looking for a dang good tattoo, Mr. Bruehl is your man. I’m hoping to make a trip down to see him before the year is out.

Happy friday the 13th, everyone!

Book and Skull Tshirt- Jacob Des

I just added a new section to the blog; Shirts.
It’ll eventually include all sorts of fun stuff/giveaways but for now it features our first Tshirt with art by OV favorite Jacob Des and printed by Philadelphia’s own Awesome Dudes Screenprinting.

I’m doing a pretty limited run for the first printing; swing on over to the OVShop to see if I have the size you need.

Collaborative Back Piece- O’Donnell & Hooper

Collaborative Tattooing – Saved Tattoo NYC from Taylor Toole on Vimeo.

The greatest side effect of cable networks exploiting tattoo culture has been a rise in ‘internal documentation’ within our community. The availability of inexpensive high quality video cameras, easy editing software like iMovie and a pool of really creative tattooers and collectors has led to a great grassroots backlash to the reality tattoo culture that’s spreading across social networking/video sites in growing numbers. I saw this video on Mr. O’Donnel’s fine blog (which you can find here and snagged it for those of you who might not have had a chance to see it.

Chris O’Donnell does amazing tattoos; (my sister has quite a bit of work from him) and Thomas Hooper never ceases to impress; the video features the start of a collaborative backpiece at the new Saved shop in NY. It’s nice to see the start of the process; hopefully each subsequent session will be documented to give a bigger picture view of both artist’s contribution.

The reality that we can be our own media is certainly nothing new, but with the aid of modern technology it’s certainly something I hope to see explored more often; it’s even encouraged me to attempt to document my next tattoo. (which is going to be my armpit. Nothing fun will come of this)

Even in Arcadia, I exist

My original intent with this blog was to  feature tattooists/tattoos that I liked. I’ve not done much of that so far, concentrating more on video and satellite items like audio cassettes and tarot card decks. Lest I stray much too far off point I should probably be more mindful of adding more actual tattoo content.

Like this piece from my friend Kit Hall. Clean and simple, and bearing a phrase I’ve wanted tattooed on myself for some time.

Kit works in Chicago, does clean illustrative tattoos and is pretty much an all around amazing woman. I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach her, but check out all the same.