Sailor Sid Diller

Tattooing in Action

This clip is an excerpt from an 8mm (film) recording made by Sailor Sid Diller at the Kissimmee, Florida shop of Ken Meyer sometime in the 1970s. It was converted to VHS tape in the mid 1980s and reimported to digital earlier this week at 720p and restored as much as possible though the tape has suffered considerable digital rot.

JD at Sailor Sid’s

I don’t have much information on this video; it was shot sometime in the early/mid 1980s at Sailor Sid Diller’s Silver Anchor Tattoo Studio in South Florida. The VHS tape it was captured from was a compilation from Sid labeled 1986, but the footage could have been filmed before that. The artist is credited as J.D.  Sid calls him John early on in the video and he mentions being from New Jersey) but otherwise it’s a mystery. If anyone knows more about J.D. please get in touch.

The video was filmed before wearing gloves was standard practice and is presented for archival purposes.