Rick Lohm

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2013: Rick Lohm

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My good buddy Rick Lohm will be tattooing at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention next year, February 8-10th. I’m hoping to grab some time with him while he’s in town, since getting a Rick Lohm tattoo is a good thing to do. If you’d like to make an appointment to get tattooed at the convention, contact him via ricktattoos@gmail.com for availability.

RVA2012: Rick Lohm

It’s almost November.
That means it’s almost time for the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival.
I went last year- it was a stellar lineup of world class tattooers and really light on the BS celebrity culture/roaming pitbull shenanigans of other East Coast conventions.
One of the artists attending this year is our friend Rick Lohm of HALO in Syracuse, NY. Rick is a super solid guy who does super solid tattoos- can’t really ask for much more than that these days. If I were going this year I’d be booking some time with Rick, but since I can’t… grab a few hours with him. Get a kickass tattoo. It’ll make you happy!


Rick can be reached via: ricktattoos@gmail.com for appointments.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012- Rick Lohm

Another artist who’s working the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this year is my buddy Rick Lohm from Halo in Syracuse. Rick has a style that’s reverent to traditional Americana without being derivative; and on top of that he’s a damn nice guy. You can check out the interview I did with him last year here,

You can contact him for appointments here: Sink or Swim.

Got Milk?

Rick Lohm, previously interviewed here on OV, is currently tattooing at the Rochester Tattoo Convention: Info Here.

If you’re attending the show, swing by and pick up a t-shirt, print, original painting or hell, get a tattoo. Last time I talked to him he had a few spots open.

If you’re feeling generous, swing by and offer him ice cold milk and candy. He likes that. This here tattoo was done by Rick at Halo in Syracuse.

Fundraiser for Japan

Sacred NYC will be hosting a fundraiser to support relief efforts to those affected by tsunami, earthquake and radiation exposure in Japan. The list of contributing artists is impressive and all artwork will be priced under $200; this could be your chance to score a modestly priced original or print far less than ‘going rate’ and the money goes to a great cause.

For more information including a list of contributing artists, check here.

The above piece is by Syracuse NY’s Rick Lohm, who was recently featured right here in OV.