Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2013: Jason Scott



The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013 is upon us- This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Philadelphia Convention Center, some 800 tattooers will be working in one space. Sounds crazy? It is. But there are a bunch of really fine artists working the show that are worth stopping and checking out. Even if you don’t plan to get tattooed or they’re all booked up, I’m sure their booths will have offerings that will be hard to pass up. Paintings, Prints, Tshirts and Flash… there’s always something that’s within budget.

One of those tattooers is a fella that I’ve known for closing in on 20 years, but I’ve yet to get tattooed by. As open skin is quickly disappearing, I’m going to try to work on that soon- Jason Scott. I knew him from my Florida days, but he’s since moved up north to New England, operating out of New Hampshire. Live free or die, indeed.

I’ve seen the shirts he’s going to be selling at this year’s convention… if you’re an old skater.. you’ll dig them.

The sheer amount of tattooers at the Philly show is overwhelming, but… like I said- some of these folks are absolutely worth tracking down.

See you there!

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2013: Johannes/Black Stallion Tattoo


The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is coming up next month, and there will be so many good tattooers working it that finding just the right artist may be overwhelming. I’ve already mentioned that Rick Lohm will be working, and over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting some folks that I think are worth checking out, should getting a tattoo at the convention be in your travel plans.

Today’s artist is Johannes of Black Stallion Tattoo in Boston, MA. He excels in traditional European and American designs. Contact him via for appointment information.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2013: Rick Lohm

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My good buddy Rick Lohm will be tattooing at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention next year, February 8-10th. I’m hoping to grab some time with him while he’s in town, since getting a Rick Lohm tattoo is a good thing to do. If you’d like to make an appointment to get tattooed at the convention, contact him via for availability.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012- Ron Henry Wells

My Secrets are meant for only the worthiest of ears.

Another fine tattooer to look up at this years 2012 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention; Mr. Ron Henry Wells. If you’ve been following his Facebook lately you’ve no doubt seen the amazing sheets of flash he’s preparing for the Philly show; even if getting tattooed isn’t in your forecast it would still behoove you (yes. I just said behoove) to swing by Ron’s booth and see what goodies he has for sale.

You can contact Ron about availability through his blog: The Laughing Hyena.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2012- Andy Perez

The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is quickly approaching.
There are going to be plenty of top notch tattooers working the show should you be in the market for something new. Over the next few weeks, leading up to the convention, I’m going to give a few shout-outs to tattooers who are very much worth checking out.

The first is Andy Perez.

Andy just started working at Bradley Beach NJ’s ELECTRIC TATTOO, which is in my mind one of the most comfortable tattoo shops I’ve ever been in. There’s a great vibe there that really makes you feel welcome. Andy joins Robert Ryan, Mike Schweigert and Tom Yak at Electric.

He’s taking appointments for the convention, swing by his website (here for contact information.

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Afterparty

For the last several years I’ve hosted an unofficial afterparty to celebrate the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention at a really awesome bar called the Bike Stop. The owners are kind enough to allow us to have our own dedicated floor with drink specials, a complimentary photobooth, a great playlist and more!

We have a $.50/game pool table on the Sports floor (one floor below the party) with Smithwicks, Guinness, Yuengling Lager, Shocktop Belgian White, Coors Light and Yards Brawler on tap.

The bar is located a few blocks from the Philadelphia Convention center and is walking distance from several restaurants that will be open late, including Maoz Vegetarian, Moriarity’s Irish Pub (best buffalo wings in town) and the Farmer’s Cabinet. (upscale, amazing menu for adventurous foodies)

There’s a Facebook RSVP list here: OV Presents An Unofficial Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Afterparty. If you’re thinking about attending, please sign up so you can get the latest info.

The party starts at 10pm on the top floor and goes until 2am.

The Bike Stop is 21+
It’s a gay leather bar, so if you’ve got a problem with gay folks, this isn’t for you. For the last three years the staff and patrons of the Bike Stop have welcomed our party with open arms and treat us respect. We’d appreciate the same courtesy from guests attending the party.

The event is open to everyone who wants to have a good time. There’s no cover. If you’re sXe or don’t drink booze we have soda and water available for sale.