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Last Sparrow Interviews: Ron Henry Wells

If you enjoyed the Higgs mashup by Mr. Wells that I posted the other day and are interested in finding out more about him, check out this interview by Scott Sylvia of Black Heart/Last Sparrow Tattoo. Filmed in San Francisco while folks on the east coast were reeling from Hurricane Sandy, this video is a great introduction to a tattooer who constantly puts out mindblowing tattoos.

Check it out, then check out the Last Sparrow Tattoo community. Have fun, and don’t be a troll.

New Last Sparrow Shirt!

For serious tattoo folks there’s no better (virtual) place to hang out than Lochlan and Scott’s Last Sparrow Tattoo community. I don’t post about it often for fear of too many people discovering it and the great vibes being ruined, but… give it a chance and have fun.

And if you LIKE it, and you will… realize that coding, hosting, bandwidth, etc cost money and supporting something you love is a good thing. One of the best ways to support LST is to buy a t-shirt, and Scott Sylvia just dropped a new design.

It’s like getting tattooed by Scott but without all the bleeding.

Support LST.

Maybe one day they’ll do a squidpants shirt…..

Valerie Vargas interview on LST

I like to think that if I interviewed Miss Vargas, it would have gone exactly like this; save that I probably would have asked her to recite a bunch of a lines from Trainspotting. Luckily Scott Sylvia is much less childish than I am.

Valerie is an amazing tattooer. Check it out!
Last Sparrow Tattoo is a community forum for tattooers and folks who get tattooed and can be found here: LST.

Last Sparrow: Chad Koeplinger

One of the best things about getting tattooed by Chad Koeplinger is being able to sit around and bullshit with him. Sure you’re going to end up walking away with a rad tattoo, but you’re also going to have spent a few hours shooting the breeze with one of the nicest gents in the business.

Scott Sylvia sat down with Chad at the Bay Area Tattoo Convention October of 2011 for this must see interview.

Chad is currently ‘on the road’- if he makes a stop at a shop near you… get tattooed.

And if you’re not already a Last Sparrow member… LST.