Harmonize Most High

Harmonize and Higgs

First and foremost, a sincere thanks to the folks who’ve contributed to my birthday giftcard bonanza. I really appreciate it. Austin will be the first city I visit, so anyone local… I’ll be seeing you soon!

My NYC Birthday trip is already looking like an amazing time; I was scheduled in NYC on Tuesday night, but after seeing the announcement from Robert about Harmonize Most High and Daniel Higgs playing at Zebulon in Brooklyn, I decided to come to town a day early. I’ve seen Higgs play live in various incarnations (Lungfish, solo, Defekts) but till now haven’t had the opportunity to see Robert perform. It promises to be a really good time; as always, if you see me tug on my shirt tail and say hi.

Information is as follows:
Harmonize Most High and Daniel Higgs
Monday 30th July
258 wythe St

Hope to see you there!