Gypsy Gentleman

Gypsy Gentleman 7: Japan

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 07: Japan Pt. I from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

I keep missing these when they hit. I should be better about this kinda thing.
There’s not much I can say about this episode other than: Watch it.

The legendary Horiyoshi III and Shige get the deluxe treatment from Marcus and crew. Possibly my favorite episode to date; not only giving us insight into these living legends but about the intricacies of Japanese culture as well. Such amazing footage.

Gypsy Gentleman 06: Paris

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 06: Paris from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

This one slipped by me. I watched it a few weeks ago and intended to put it up here on OV but… you folks know how that goes. This episode was shot in Paris and features the iconic (and hilarious) Tin Tin and Laura Satana. I’m really enjoying what Marcus is doing with the GG (though… have I failed to notice that he has an accent before, or was he Frenching it up?) and am looking forward the the Japan episode…

New Gypsy Gentleman: London

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 05: London from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

I force myself to watch Ink Master.

Honestly, it’s mostly just to be able to make Dave Navarro jokes. (I call him ladyface. Not going to lie. Totally do) Occasionally they have a good guest judge (Mr. Stell!) that makes me not hate it, but for the most part I watch it because I can’t not. The entire time I’m watching scratchers get reputations, I’m usually thinking “god, there needs to be a new episode of The Gypsy Gentleman airing soon’.

Finally… there is.

This time Marcus sets his sights on London, during the Jubilee.
The formula got GG is a little different than most of the Tattoo media out there- Marcus picks a city and two artists and spends the episode aquatinting us with it all. It’s more of a travelogue than a documentary- but it works. So well.
The London episode features Valerie Vargas (who’s also the subject of a three episode Tattoo Age Arc this year) and Ian Flower. I really hope that Marcus keeps these up- I for one would love to snag a DVD set of all of the Gypsy Gentleman’s adventures!

Gypsy Gentleman ep3

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 03: San Francisco from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

I don’t know how I missed it, but another episode of Marcus Kuhn’s Gypsy Gentleman has landed online; this time featuring interviews with Jason Kundell and George Campise. It’s great stuff; the perfect alternative to the vapid nonsense (how does it swim?) that plagues cable television.

The beauty of Kuhn’s project is that it’s informative to people who’re aren’t ‘tattoo people’ while still appealing to nerds like us who love the culture; the intro on San Francisco’s role in American tattooing covers points that we all know, but not in a pandering way. It’s clear that Marcus and crew really want this project to appeal to everyone while not compromising.

Well done.

And thanks to Scott from Yellowbeak for the heads up!

Gypsy Gentleman Part 2

Happy New Year everyone.
OV is still only eleven months old, but I’ve had a heck of a time so far.
2011 was a very full year for tattoo culture including Vice’s TATTOO AGE and Marcus Kuhn’s Gypsy Gentleman. Both were a welcome retreat from the glut of tattoo related programming (the various Inked series, Tattoo School, etc) that many folks feel exploit tattooing in the name of ratings. They let us have a glimpse into the lives and careers of Thomas Hooper, Fred Corbin, Grime, Dan Santoro, Virginia Elwood and other really next level tattooers with no drama, screaming or “If we can make it here… we can make it anywhere” rambling.

While Tattoo Age has finished it’s first season, Marcus still has more Gypsy Gentleman coming.

Episode 2, Austing Texas, features Tony Hundahl and Steve Byrne with music by Lucero and should be airing over at any day now is currently live on

Gypsy Gentleman episode one!

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 01: New York City from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

The first episode of Marcus Kuhn’s GYPSY GENTLEMAN has premiered; focusing on NYC and featuring Kuhn, Virginia Elwood and Thomas Hooper this 30 minute episode comes fresh on the heels of Vice’s Tattoo Age (and features a brief visit to Dan Santoro’s coffee/antique shop) and is another example of the possibilities of tattoo documentation.

Kuhn gives us a walkthrough of NYC’s Bowery area and brings Elwood and Hooper to a Tibetan/Himalayan art museum; work on drawings and finally tattoo them on a few lucky tattoo collectors.

I recommend taking a half an hour out of your evening tonight, relaxing and devoting yourself to watching GGep1. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!