Game Show

Game On!

You know how it is.
It’s 3am and you’re sitting around watching a movie and talking about tattooers who’ve appeared on gameshows with your friend Scott (editor of the upcoming Yellow Beak Press book on tattooer/supplier Milton Zeis) and you start digging around on google to see what comes up.

I’m sure this is going to be the tip of the iceberg; Scott and I are going to see what else what we can find. I’ll wager that there’s some pretty fun stuff out there just waiting to be discovered.

This particular game show, What’s my line, features William ‘Frenchie’ Neely and originally aired March 4th,1956. Chuck Eldridge over at the Tattoo Archive has a little page up featuring a little bit of history on Frenchie. Instead of me regurgitating it… go ahead and swing on over to the Archive to find out more!