Freddy Corbin

Tattoo Age Press Release

Dan Santoro. Tattoo Age

I’m someone who gives a lot of credence to meaningful coincidence; synchronicity has been a very strong influence in my life for the last decade, one that’s guided me in the right direction when I was lost, taken me in when I needed it and introduced me to some really amazing folks.

When I was getting tattooed Monday at Electric, I was introduced to a gentleman named Dan. Earlier this morning, I posted the Tattoo Age promo here on OV. A few minutes ago I received a press release for the Tattoo Age series, which features the very same Dan Santoro.

Nice and smooth, just how I like it. Follow the break to find the showtimes/information on Tattoo Age.


Excerpt: Hot Damn Amsterdam

I could watch Freddy Corbin tattoo Jesuses (Jesii?) all day long.

Of all the tattoo conventions I’ve been to, Henk’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention was hands down the best. My brother and I went in 1995, which was a few years after this documentary was made. Somewhere I have video from that trip on 8mm tape.

In the meantime, I’ve grabbed a few of the better moments from Stearn’s tape. It’s not the best of his Metamorphosis II output; very little in the way of interviews, Horiyoshi III and Suluape Petelo were sorely underused and there was far too much music (which was cut out in the excerpts I put together) but for the sake of posterity I’m glad to be able to share what I can.