edward woodward

You’ll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice

Sergeant Howie: And what of the TRUE God? Whose glory, churches and monasteries have been built on these islands for generations past? Now sir, what of him?

Lord Summerisle: He’s dead. Can’t complain, had his chance and in modern parlance, blew it.

I try not to think about the Wicker Man remake.
Nicholas Cage seems like a nice enough dude, but his ability to appear in movies that are absolute crap is only slightly outweighed by his ability to make movies that are awesome crap. (Con Air and Drive Angry 3D, I’m looking at you, and I’m liking what I see.)

There was some subplot about bees, if I remember correctly.

That said.. the original Wicker Man, directed by Robin Hardy and starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee, is a classic film. My interest in the Hand of Glory came from watching that movie as a kid, and it’s cheeky blasphemy (“Himself the son of a virgin, impregnated, I believe, by a ghost..”) still makes me smile.

This tattoo by OV regular Simon Erl is of the titular Wicker Man. The clouds/smoke background was executed really well.

So get a tattoo by Simon, then go buy Wicker Man on dvd.