OVxAMS953: The Enigma versus 22 Tattoo Artists

The third and final Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 1995 clip; this one is the roughest with a little more shaky camera than I’m happy with, but ultimately a pretty fun little video. The sound has been removed due to copyrighted music in the background, so enjoy the silence.

I don’t have a complete list of the artists who tattooed Enigma- offhand I spotted:

  • Alex Binnie
  • Horiyoshi 3
  • Permanent Mark
  • Bob Vessels
  • Crazy Ace Daniels
  • Timothy Hoyer (?)

I’m sure Henk made a full list, but….

OVXAMS95: Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 1995 Video Part 2

This excerpt from the 1995 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention video features Paul Booth, Filip Leu, Mike Wilson, Nalla Smith, Joseph Ari Aloi, Chris Trevino, Paul King, Xed Le Head, Alex Binnie, Curly and Juan Puente.

No audio on this one.

There’s still a little more footage from the convention that needs to be finished up, but it’s really shaky and taking a lot of work to make it usable. Fingers crossed.

The New Media

Tattoo Age Trailer.

Tattoo Age: More antidote for the tattoo reality tv virus; a new ‘series’ featuring interviews with artists who have a lot to say but would likely (hopefully?) never be caught dead hashing out scripted drama on A&E.

“I tell anybody that’s learning how to tattoo it’ll be five years before you start even doing halfway good tattoos, and at ten years you’re kinda like ok, I think I’ve got this kind of figured out and I can start getting good” Freddy Corbin.


In 1995 I attended Henk (Hanky Panky) Schiffmacher’s Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Almost twenty years later it remains one of the best shows I ever went to. I fell in love with Amsterdam on that trip. This video shows Henk talking about both loves- Amsterdam and Tattooing.

Thanks to Scot and Lochlan for the links!