Scary Gary. Indiana.

There’s pretty much no way around how eccentric Indiana tattooer Royboy Cooper was. He had tigers and cobras in his shop. He didn’t always wear gloves. He had a mullet and occasionally referred to himself in the third person. He could fill a body suit with nothing but fairy sparkles, dots and lion heads.

He passed away in 2010.

During the 1980s and 90s, Royboy was a mainstay in biker tattoo magazines; and even produced a handful of, for want of a better word, iconic tattoo videos that played out like tapes to be submitted to his insurance agent rather than sold to tattoo collectors.

Royboy’s boat?
His cars and motorcycles?
Lots of fur coats and bling?
They were like rap videos with Royboy and his wife as the stars.

His films are best described as surreal; documents of a bygone era. Half of the people interviewed seemed annoyed, the other half usually wink at the camera, get naked or espouse random unprompted controversial sentiment.

As you can imagine, they’re a trip to watch. It’s hard to present this without seeming like I’m making fun of him, but for my money, Royboy was a true character and these videos are bizarre time capsules of….. something. Christ. I don’t know. Just watch it and love it.