Alejandro Jodorowsky

Destroy Me. Depend on no one.

I moved to Philadelphia in August of 1999. Less than twenty four hours into living here I walked into the TLA Video location at Fourth and South Streets and several hours later had a job there. I was instructed my first day that I would be responsible for choosing five or so movies a month to be my ’employee picks’- movies that showed off the varied tastes of store employees and better yet, encouraged movies that may have fallen through the cracks to be rented and to hopefully make a little more money from them.

That’s the first time I came across the works of Alejandro Jodorowsky; TLA was known for having hard to find/out of print movies and at that point in time, all of his films qualified. Every month a different staffer seemed to pick a film from Jodorowsky’s upsettingly limited catalog; El Topo, The Holy Mountain, The Rainbow Thief and Santa Sangre moving up and down the shelves- each picked by a different person to represent the best of what our collection had to offer.