Book of Days: Royboy Cooper

Today would have been the 70th birthday of larger than life tattoo personality Royboy Cooper; a one time protege of Cliff Raven, owner of the Badlands tattoo shop, producer/star of a successful series of tattoo documentaries, tiger keeper and all around badass. You can check out some of his videos here on OV: Royboy […]


Scanned from a 3×5 print dating back to approximately 1986, this photo features Gary, Indiana’s Debra Cooper with tattooing by Royboy. I’ve sorted through stacks of pictures taken at this convention and with about 10 more in queue to scan I have yet to find a single photo that makes reference as to where it […]

Debra Cooper 1986

I recently turned in an article for a new British tattoo zine about the tattoo videotapes that were mainstays in the  advertisment section of tattoo magazines of the late 1980s and early 1990s; highbrow offerings like the more structured documentaries that Michael O. Stearns put out through his Metamorphosis II label, erotic offerings from photographer/anthropologist Charles Gatewood’s […]

Lost Love Preorder is now live!

Preorders are now life for Yellow Beak Press’s Valentines 2014 offering LOST LOVE and as with previous YBP offerings they’ve released a really rad promo video that features some of the kickass vintage flash content that will be in the book. I was chatting with Yellow Beak Press’s Scott Boyer today and he turned me […]

Am Jam 1991

* My first big convention was Schenectady, NY’s AMJAM. I was barely 18 and we picked it because it promised itself to be the ‘biggest tattoo convention in the world’. When my brother and I got to Albany we landed ourselves into a gigantic snowstorm, which suited us (being from Florida) quite well. I managed […]