8MM: Meadowlands

I’ve been working on restoring footage from an 8mm video cassette that was recorded at the 1991 Meadowlands tattoo convention. It’s a frustrating process sometimes; I’ll find 3 seconds of Eddie Deutsche tattooing but what are you going to do with three seconds followed by a shaky camera move to the next booth.The screen grabs often promise something more interesting than the finished, edited video.

Archival woes, I tell you what.


  1. I got a full picture of the shirtless guy from Folsom magazine. Shows off his entire front. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re good.


      1. Are Admiral Scotty and Tatu Scotty one and the same? I knew Tatu Scotty- he wrote an article for my old blog back in 1995 or 1996. Big coverup on his chest by Hardy? I know Scot from Yellowbeak has some great stuff of him.


      2. Yes admiral and tatu are the same one. He has the big frog looking creature cover up by ed hardy on his chest.


      3. Yeah man. He was really rad and quite a character. We both had bad experiences with black light reactive pigments (his was conscious, mine was put into me without my knowledge) and he wrote a piece on his experiences for my old site.

        He used to show up at conventions with derma blend covering his facial tattoos for the first two days of the show, cause ‘thats when the media is there’ and on the last day he’d take it all off. I have pictures of he and I somewhere; first ‘pearling’ I ever saw in person!


  2. Awesome. Yea the first time I saw a pic of him was in Tattoo Time. His collection is crazy I haven’t been able to find many photos of him showing all his work. I stumbled on one where it shows his completely tattooed face not long ago. He is this unknown mythical tattoo collector to me. Very fascinating.


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