Still not asking for it


On October 25th, Allied Tattoo and tattooist Ashley Love will be hosting a flash tattoo fundraiser event to benefit Take Back The Night. Sexual assault and rape are very present in our life and culture, yet they are rarely spoken of, and are often poorly responded to. This topic and these events are not trivial, and should not be treated so.

We will be painting a couple flash sheets with images that are intended to bring and show empowerment. Everyone is invited to come and take a stand against this awful issue.

Not only does this event provide financial support for a great foundation, but it will also open the eyes of our community and peers. Many survivors and victims will see that they are not alone! Tattoos are also a great way for one to reclaim their own body. This event will be an opportunity for people to move forward in a very important healing process.

Let’s come together and move forward by refusing acceptance of this terrible behavior; let’s be there for each other, and let it be known that we all care; let’s take back our bodies, let’s Take Back The Night!

If you aren’t in the area or don’t feel like getting tattooed and still want to support the fundraiser, you can pre-order a print of the event artwork via Ashley’s Etsy Store for $50. The giclee print measures 11×14 on quality matte paper.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this print (from now until October 25th) will be donated to Take Back The Night Foundation, along with all of the proceeds from the actual event, taking place at Allied Tattoo in Bushwick Brooklyn on October 25th 12-10pm.


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