Creative Mornings w/ Freddy Corbin

Freddy Corbin.
Pretty much any time Freddy sits down to talk about tattooing (or hell, about anything) it’s probably a good idea to drop whatever you’re doing and listen. His arc on Vice’s TATTOO AGE should be required viewing for anyone interested in tattoo culture, his talk with Scott Sylvia on Last Sparrow a great companion chapter.

The folks at Creative Mornings Oakland invited Freddy to talk a little about the tattoo scene and his place in it. Very much worth checking out.



  1. Freddy Corbin might just be my favorite contemporary tattoo master. Not just because of his influence on modern tattooing, but his energy and view on life. He is truly remarkable in many ways. I really hope to meet him and get tattooed by him some day.


  2. Great video, just catching up on the blog (have been sidelined due to the arrival of my baby 🙂 ) thanks so much for taking the time to put this blog / website together. I’m really enjoying catching up on everything I’ve missed. Unfortunately I now have the crazy urge to hop on a plane and get a tattoo by Freddie.


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