Lost Love Preorder is now live!

Preorders are now life for Yellow Beak Press’s Valentines 2014 offering LOST LOVE and as with previous YBP offerings they’ve released a really rad promo video that features some of the kickass vintage flash content that will be in the book.


Flash by Bob Collins

I was chatting with Yellow Beak Press’s Scott Boyer today and he turned me on to the work of Bob Collins, who I’m really interested in finding out more about. Scott’s contributions to documenting tattoo culture are stacking up faster than Royboy’s speedboats; the Zeis book was an instant classic and Born Weird may be my favorite recent tattoo book… so I can only expect Lost Love to be another must have title.

Bob Collins

Bob Collins

The 9″x12″ hardcover clocks in at 200 pages, and features work by Cap Coleman, Paul Rogers, Sailor Jerry, Stoney St Clair, Percy Waters, Milton Zeis, and many more.

As has become tradition, YPB is going to include a screenprint with the first 200 orders, so get em in early to make sure you score!
Preordering is live, so swing by Yellow Beak Press to order.


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