Prepare the way of the Lord



Kind of a self serving post, but then again that’s what blogging is all about, right?
I was able to get back up to Asbury Park recently to start another tattoo from the incredibly talented Robert Ryan at Electric Tattoo. After my appointment with him last May, which saw me getting the whole top of my thigh done in one crazy seven hour sitting, I decided to break this one up into a more traditional ‘outlines, shading, color’ appointment structure.

We managed all of this (and some outlining on my butt. Butt tattoo hurt much more than you’d think) in just a little over two hours and will be taking October off, so hopefully November will see session 2.

I grew up Baptist, so the head of John the Baptist (as an oracle of Divine Prophecy) has been an idea I’ve been tossing around for more than a few years now. Robert was the perfect artist to do it; someone who took the symbolism I brought him and added his own to create the perfect tattoo. If you folks saw the thumbnails I send him… you’d see just how impressive a task that is. I’ll update again when we get into the next round.

For more Robert Ryan tattoos:



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