Tattoo Zeke Pt III: Al Miller

It’s been six months since I added a new video to OV. Now that my computer troubles are at an end I hope to get back into the habit of capturing and uploading again. This snippet from Tattoo Zeke features the iconic Zeke Owen discussing his mentor Al Miller. The sound is a bit wonky even cleaned up but it’s about as good as it’s going to get. The documentary originated  from Michael Stearns legendary Metamorphosis II label which for my money produced some of the best tattoo content ever put to film.

While OV is more than just a repository for classic video clips- they’re certainly a fun part of the blog and I appreciate you folks sticking around in between uploads. I’d rather not update than update just for the sake of doing it, so as always, check back often and see what’s new.

I’ve had a lot of folks suggest in the last few months that I should monazite the site and put a little money in my pocket for the trouble. I keep resisting, preferring to keep everything as ad free as possible* but occasionally I’m going to shake the tree a little bit and see if you folks would like to support my various projects in lieu of me making money via adclicks.

My current project is an Occult Vibrations sponsored team of runners, led by myself and my partner Julia, who’re going to run a 5k race in support of the 2013 Philly AIDS Walk which gives much needed funds to area resources for people affected by HIV/AIDS. When I started collecting donations I didn’t think I’d be able to raise my goal of $500 but as the weeks have progressed, I’ve been humbled with donations from people the world over who’ve given a little and a lot to our campaign.

To date, I’ve personally raised $1100 and my team has raised an additional $1271 towards our team goal of $2500, leaving a deficit of $129 with just under a month to go.

So. Enjoy the videos, keep your eyes peeled for new ones and if you feel that an ad free OV is worth contributing to our team- here’s my runner link:

Big thanks to the OV readers who’ve already contributed- your kindness is certainly appreciated!

Happy Equinox!

*Occasionally WORDPRESS and YOUTUBE place ads on my pages/videos without my consent. It’s all part of their free hosting packages.

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